"Uncle! Uncle! What’s the matter with you, uncle? Are you hurt, uncle? "

Three uncle hold hands tightly that era crystal suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, eyes once again fainted.
His uncle heard three catties and four taels before he realized the sinking.
"Three uncle uncle! What happened to uncle? "
"He must be so happy to see us both."
"It must be so …"
His uncle finally fell into a coma.
Just then someone suddenly shouted "Look!"
It was frozen outside Yunxing Palace, and the giant dog of war suddenly moved again, but not forward but backward.
They quickly "ran" backwards, faster and faster, and disappeared into the distant darkness in the blink of an eye.
A soldier in the palace threw an alarm clock outside the palace and saw that the alarm clock turned back faster and faster, and then "Hoo" bounced back from outside the manor palace, thumping it on the soldier’s head and screaming at him. The soldiers gave a burst of laughter.
Blue stone leafstar lunch Hu Laosi held Liuwa in one hand and an epoch spar in the other.
Then Hu Laosi turned his head to look at the side direction. A few hundred meters away, another farmer held high the spar in his hand.
The spar in their hands dispelled the darkness like torches.
Time flies in the dark, roads have been carved out, plants have been growing, and plants are turning upside down.
Suddenly Hu Laosi took a few steps forward, and a nest had been frozen by black fog. The little beast emerged from the ground in panic and ran behind them, shrugging behind them and watching in horror the darkness that enveloped everything.
In the (ancient) giant nut garden, several giant velvet people gathered around the tallest tree and held the SPAR in their hands high.
Other giant velvet people hugged each other and looked at the tree.
The giant nut orchard, which has been broken by the darkness, is rapidly recovering and expanding in all directions.
"Our manor!"
"Again! Restored! "
The magic vine manor is holding an era spar, and Daniel leans close to him on the periphery of the magic vine manor.
The central heart of the magic vine has been silent.
Suddenly, it beats again and again, and then it beats faster and faster.
"moo! Moo! " Daniel jumped up with heart.
Lanshiye Manor has been bombed from outside, and Taojin Town is crawling slowly.
It seems that there is a straight hand to gather it slowly.
It’s like the explosion reversed the gold rush town and reappeared in the era of exile.
A small river with dozens of low buildings.
This is the beginning of the era, and not many people have come to Taojin Town, but its natural advantages will soon attract everyone, and it will become a prosperous place again.
In a more distant place, a huge wheel that has been torn apart is slowly gathering, and the place that has been twisted and blown up is bonded again.
Hammer City, which was directly smashed not far from Zhuang, is also born again in this instant.
The mountain floating nearby is also shrinking rapidly, and then swoosh into the depths of the exile era and disappear.
Not far from the manor house, Zhuang suddenly felt his hand sink. He looked down and saw a stone, and I didn’t know when it appeared in his hand again.
It was the "mountain" that used to bombard Hammer City before.
It was also restored.
Everything is reversed in the darkness that devours everything.
The era of more than one hundred years has come to an end.
An era is coming.
There used to be a lot of villages that were not far away, and they knew and saw people and disappeared forever.
However, there are also many villages that regret that the missed people will appear again one day.