Chen Qi swaggered out of the forbidden area, making Shuinie master horrified. He released his own unique spell, which was too poisonous and sinister. He wanted to give Chen Qi a loss first and then forced him to come in, but Chen Qi easily collected his poisonous and sinister dragon, and it seemed that he was not infringed, which made this first master of forgetfulness feel a little shocked.

"I’m afraid I won’t be able to break in when I’m practicing magic with the other five elders. Is it … that the Sect Master thinks I’m an eyesore and intends to take back the gate?"
Water evil teacher wants to break his head, but he never thought that Chen Qi wanted to accumulate some blessings for Ye Bing to break through the realm of Tao.
The master of Shuinie’s hand was broken to spell, and more than five elders also separated out the means to whisk five spells together to detain Chen Qifei. These elders are just refining the series. Even if the master of Shuinie casts the elixir, it is nothing for the thief. After all, he is not afraid of the Qingcheng Sect’s rushing out and has not resisted his indifferent way. This is far from enough for him.
Chen Qi shrugged his shoulders, and Yin and Yang flew out. The little thief didn’t want to talk nonsense. He wanted to suppress the six elders first, and then he broke the spell of several elders who were indifferent, including the water evil teacher who was indifferent. Where can the six elders send all kinds of spells together to stop Yin and Yang?
Seeing that Yin and Yang are in danger, Master Shuinie can shout, "You elders join me in urging the heavenly magic treasure mirror to meet the enemy!"
The six elders of Shuinie Division refused to keep their mana together and poured it into a dark and heavy book. This book immediately flew up and cried for several days. Monty formed one multiplier after another and nullified Chen Qi.
"The celestial evils of the colorful exquisite tower of the Star Shuttle, Wang Yin’s bloody magic knife and a hundred evil longan … These heavenly demons have never even seen me forget this?"
Chen Qi also knows that there are many monty once united, which can transform all kinds of instruments and even evolve magic weapons. How many times has he been absent from the territory? There are few opportunities to see this monty. The most powerful combination of monty he has ever seen is the combination of star armored beasts into that star shuttle. Finally, Chen Qi also collected a batch of star armored beasts that are still put in the filthy black coffin.
At this time, the six elders also look out that Chen Qi’s magic power is not their ability to resist, and it is not clear that even these elders want to nullify Chen Qi one by one.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-two Yuan Ling
"magic weapon!"
Chen Qi saw the water evil teacher and so on, and the six elders were actually suggesting that a black volume was released and many monties formed a multiplier to meet the enemy. They immediately recognized it. This black volume was already a multiplier series, and it was very shocking and blurted out.
Brother Chen Qifa’s ordinary gas refining series is not afraid even if he has cultivated the immortal spirit and made it into the highest day series, but the magic weapon is already equivalent to the true immortal series refining, and the thief head of the Yuan generation is also somewhat sure that he can greet the leaf ice and lift the Taiji diagram repeatedly.
Rao is a powerful Taiji diagram, but when the Monty Treasure Mirror is released, there are thousands of monty heads scattered and solitary, but ten thousand heads are gathered together and evolved into an extremely powerful instrument. The Yin and Yang two gases are released by these monty outside the territory, and the magical powers are transported to resist. Although the Taiji diagram always sweeps dozens of monty heads every time, it is urgent to break the Monty Treasure Mirror. When the Water Evil Master and other six elders urged the Monty Treasure Mirror to release 13 groups of monty evolution and 13 pieces of monty treasures, the thief finally showed no color.
These monty treasures all have nine classes, and because they are accumulated by monty, they are more powerful than Chen Qi, who has cultivated the ancient road.
Chen Qi shakes Tai Chi and repeatedly suppresses these monty treasures. There are seven things that he is not afraid of, but there are too many monty treasures released from the Monty Treasures. He is a little stretched for a while.
Master Shuinie and others saw that Chen Qi was so powerful that it was even more shocking than him. This monty treasure is a treasure that has always been forgetful. It is a treasure that guards the mountain gate. It is very overbearing. There must be several elders working together, and there must be a large array of mountain gates to cooperate. Therefore, no one has ever carried it out. Even if someone can take it out, it will make it move and give others a chance to seize it.
You elders want this ancestral magic weapon. When the enemy invades be beheaded, the worst will recede immediately. I didn’t expect Chen Qi to release a phosgene to hold the monty treasures. There was still a faint counter-offensive. Six elders, such as Shui Nie, cried and secretly complained. They have tried their best to urge some more power to come out, but they can’t, and it is to urge 13 monty Gem to make them very hard. The mana consumption is as fast as flying, and at most they will run out at one time.
Leaf ice saw Chen Qi struggling and took her to the fairy house to fly out and put a monty Gem in her pocket.
Ye Bing broke through the realm of Dan Cheng and took this fairy house. After several sacrifices, it has been handy. Although this fairy house is not a magic weapon, after all, it contains several array methods and poor prohibitions, which are much more severe than ordinary instruments. Even the ninth-order instruments will be collected.
The leaf iced down a monty, and Gem died, revealing a dignified color incarnation, and a streamer went into the Taiji diagram to sacrifice.
Chen Qishen’s pressure was reduced by one point, but he was about to take the opportunity to escape when he saw that Master Shui Nie and others did not continue to release monty and did not condense the fourteenth monty. Gem’s heart moved slightly and secretly thought, "Is it this magic weapon that has this power?"
Chen Qi, after being defeated by the enemy, divided seven fire spells and seven red lights flew around the twelve monty Gem, and he was cruel to the six elders.
Master Shuinie said that he hurriedly tried to block the seven fire spells by Wang Yin. This evil Wang Yin is an extra-territorial monty called Zhuxie. This monty looks like an ancient sword, and the word Zhuxie is natural. It looks like a refined gas fighter used to fly a sword. If you have a refined gas fighter, you can capture a body and make a magic sacrifice to defend against the enemy.
However, once the evil is accumulated, it will evolve into a giant seal and release several swords. No matter what is involved in the evil of the heavens, all the swords released by Wang Yin will be strangled into several pieces. It is a natural war treasure with strong power
The water evil teacher blocked the evil spirits of Wang Yin from seven fire spells. Before Chen Qi smiled and reached out and pointed to seven fire spells, it was divided into seven of the fourteen ways to resist the evil spirits of Wang Yin, and the other seven were like fire dragons. The subtle changes of Chen Qi’s spells surprised the six elders who were indifferent, and hurriedly recovered four monty treasures to resist, only to fall into Chen Qi’s calculation.
The petty thief was just trying to save Zhao by besieging the state of Wei. Seeing that the six elders were divided into five monty pieces, Gem left seven pieces, which was not very stressful for him. Chen Qi once again released dozens of kinds of spells and evolved six large arrays to temporarily suppress six monty pieces. Gem put the last piece of blood-refining magic knife taiji diagram in.
The blood-refining magic knife is transformed by the instant Luo in the extraterritorial monty. This instant Luo is extremely fierce in the extraterritorial monty. It is a natural four magical powers, the blood god, the blood god, the blood god, and the blood fog. After the blood-refining magic knife was taken away by Chen Qi’s Taiji diagram, these monties still refused to bend and converge into a bloody knife light, and they tried to cut the Taiji diagram and rushed out.
However, Chen Qi repeatedly reversed the law and moved it, temporarily trapping these monties and thinking about dealing with his monty Gem.
Seeing that Chen Qi and his accomplices suppressed two monty Gem’s forgetfulness, the six elders hurriedly urged the monty treasure mirror together and released a group of monty, who got together to make a mirror.
Chen Qi said that instead of being afraid, he laughed and cried, "It’s no wonder that you are already poor."
Water evil division and others secretly complain, and they also know that they have received two monty pieces. Gem himself released one piece to make up the number. It is a sign of weakness. Alas, they have done their best to release this piece now, and it has taken three points for the six elders to maintain the situation. It is impossible to release one more piece.
Seeing the flaw by Chen Qi, the little thief cried and made all the poor means come out. He repeatedly suppressed four monty tricks. Gem saw the enemy’s actual situation and knew that they had succeeded, so he released thousands of kinds of spells in Taiji diagram and cried. Six elders joined hands.
Chen Qiqu’s flaw Tai Chi map went down and took the monty treasure in first. At this time, the six elders had consumed their mana. They watched him try to be brave and collect the monty treasure, but they could resent their respective efforts to escape from the law and regain the treasure of the town gate.
Chen Qi accepted monty’s treasure and tried to sacrifice Yin and Yang. He also knew that there must be a magic weapon Yuan Ling in the difference between magic weapon and multiplier. It is extremely difficult for outsiders to sacrifice Yuan Ling. If the magic weapon Yuan Ling tries to resist, even if the magic power is high enough to resist the magic weapon Yuan Ling, it will be able to go back and not be able to sacrifice.
But to Chen Qi’s surprise, Yin and Yang broke into his side and cried with a sweeping feeling, so he refined the monty treasure-book with three forbidden offerings of the highest day, which could play a role of three to five points. Chen Qi, Yin and Yang, and two gases turned, and this monty treasure-book didn’t find a magic weapon, Yuan Ling, and he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, but his hands and feet were so fast that he didn’t think about these things. First, he offered the monty treasure-book and collected the monty Gem.
Chen Qitou, the Monty Treasure Mirror, rolled over. The little thief proudly looked at all directions and fled, but was constantly moved back. The six elders drank a drink. "If you are willing to take refuge in people, I will leave you a few lives. If you are not far away, you will die today. With your mana, you will never run out of my Tai Chi map. Let’s save some strength."
Chen Qiyi was shocked when he drank six elders. They looked around and found that they had been flying for so long and didn’t fly far. They still stayed where they were. They all knew that they couldn’t resist, but they were also refined gas experts. Chen Qiyi wanted to force them to fall, and it was possible.
Water evil teacher low drink a cried, "we are also refined gas and a pulse so forcibly suppressed depending on our animals? Improper person improper person … "
Chen Qi ha ha a smile also heard something of a cry, "In that case, I will give you a respect. My wife needs a Sect to gather in all directions. If you are willing to worship my wife’s door, she will try to prove the benefits of immortality. I won’t say much. I can stop refining the gas generation at the highest level. Who doesn’t want to live forever and practice the means of becoming immortal? Isn’t it better than you here?"
Chen Qi collected the first volume of Tai Chi map, collected the Monty Treasures first, and released all his powers without reservation.
Although he is the first level of gas refining, his mana is so powerful that even dozens of monks can’t match it. Therefore, it is shocking to guess the level of Chen Qi’s dharma in the eyes of the water-discharging evil teacher and others. Then an elder asked suspiciously, "Even if we take refuge in the past, are you husband and wife really willing to teach the Dharma?"
Chen Qi put a piece of seventy-two fiends in his hand, and then his palm flew up and seventy-two light curtains shouted, "Can you tell the truth at a glance?"
The six elders were knowledgeable and cried, and they were surprised to stare big eyes. The bottom of my heart believed Chen Qi’s statement for nine points.
Chapter four hundred and fifty-three Real fairy house
Although Chen Qigang is soft and gentle, it is not so easy for a group of elders to bend. On the one hand, Chen Qiyi put six elders to scrutinize the truth and falsehood of 72 ghosts and gods, and on the other hand, he sank his mind into the monty treasure mirror to sacrifice this new magic weapon.
It is said that there are one or two magic weapons of the town faction and Qingcheng faction. Although Chen Qi has never seen it, he has heard of it. It is a big seal that says that the power limit is immeasurable. Although this volume of monty treasure book is also a magic weapon, it is weakened by the lost yuan spirit. Otherwise, Chen Qi will never be able to receive it, and it is even more impossible to refine the sacrifice.
Chen Qi’s heart is also somewhat thoughtful and secretly calculated, but it doesn’t surprise him. After all, Monty Baojian is already a magic weapon series deduction, and Monty Baojian Yuan Lingluo is beyond the ability of Taiji diagram. He just tried it for a few minutes.
Deducing the spirit of Monty Treasure Jian failed. Chen Qi tried to ban Monty Treasure Jian for three days and then offered more sacrifices. However, when Chen Qi put Yin and Yang into Monty Treasure Jian and offered sacrifices for a while, he gave up the idea. Although he was mysterious in Yin and Yang, it took several months to practice this magic weapon, but it was the limit at present to sacrifice it.
A good sacrifice and a heavy ban are enough to use this magic weapon, Monty Treasure Mirror. It has been put aside for nearly a thousand years, and it has not been sacrificed and refined into a forbidden place for the highest day. It is so difficult for the six elders, such as Shui Nieshi, to rush it up.
Chen Qi sent out an idea and flipped through this magic weapon at random in Monty’s Treasure Mirror, which is clear to some.
There are 365 pages in Monty Treasure Book, and each page can be used as a magic weapon. This magic weapon can not only be used to collect Monty, but also be used to sacrifice, refine, feed and suppress feeding … Many wonderful ideas such as Chen Qi put themselves back to suppress those Monty, and these Monty returned to Monty Treasure Book to detain them, showing a gesture like a duck to water and becoming fierce again.