"Hey hey ….." Cattle shook his head back.

"Miss, you may be wrong. Although Zhou Xiong is not young, it is a problem to live for another two or three hundred years."
"It is only natural that he shows his potential to achieve the fifth order now, and even an old slave may not be his opponent then."
Cloud Haitang beautiful eyes flashing slowly nodded.
"If you have a sixth-order combat power, you can really help Yunjia."
Although Yunjia is a big clan of Dong Xuan Sect, it is only three and seven orders now, and one of them is still old. The sixth order has become an indispensable master.
Zhou Jia’s suspicion can become a fifth order. If he has a sixth-order combat power, he can become a sixth order …
"Is there a life-prolonging pill at home?"
"Miss" cow looked up and flashed a trace of envy in her eyes.
"There is still one copy of Zhongyanshou Dan medicine."
"Medium life can be extended by four or five hundred years" Yun Haitang touched the waist hilt.
"It should be enough!"
Chapter 46 lecture
"The mountain is the mountain over there."
Flying boat deck Sok Li stretched out his hand toward the front is a finger.
"Liu E, a golden creature, has been sitting here in recent years, and the younger generation of Yunping Mountain Range Bureau has had the honor to meet one side."
Said the consciousness show awe, Confucianism and admiration.
Zhou Jia looked up and saw the towering peaks. From time to time, he could see the streamers flying by.
The surrounding mountains bow before the mountain.
It’s like a lonely peak standing on a ride.
The top of the mountain is hidden in thick clouds, which is difficult to see, and only a marginal vastness can be felt wandering around.
Compared with the eternal breath of the sun and moon, the golden creatures can crack the sea and rush the mountains, and the strong ones are as fragile as ants.
Zhou Jia visually felt the horror in the mountains and couldn’t help feeling it.
"The avenue is poor and I should seek it."
"Well said!"
A bright and clear one.
"The newcomers are Zhou Jiazhou brothers?"
Before the sound fell, it was a middle-aged man with a thin face and white hair on his temples who stopped in front of the flying boat.
"Senior" Ye Nanyin reached out and led.
"This is Yunjia’s predecessor who has a lack of edge."