In fact, Zhuang Ma has never lived at home. During this period, she has been living at her grandfather’s house to take care of her grandmother.

The father and son are going to put the things first and then pick up Zhuang Ma, otherwise the car won’t hold so many people.
Several people in the building are setting off firecrackers and fireworks with their children.
See dad zhuang have to say hello.
"Lao zi and Zhuang zi are back!"
"When I saw Mr. Chen and Lao Li, they all came back, I knew you would definitely come back."
"I haven’t seen you for half a year, have I? How long have you come back to live this time?"
Zhuang’s dad also greeted them, and the parents talked briefly with them, then turned around and moved things from the car.
One of the middle-aged people saw Zhuang’s dad coming from such a small car and smiled, "Lao Zhuang, you are too stingy, aren’t you? Manager Qi pays you so much, so you buy such a car."
"What?" Dad Zhuang is moving a box of wine. Smell speech almost flashed his waist. The wine in his hand almost hit the ground.
Fortunately, not far from Zhuang, the load grabbed the box, otherwise this box of good wine would be wasted.
"Yes, I heard that Mr. Qi has trained you into an internationally renowned master brewer, and you are not willing to spend more money on yourself?"
"Are you saving money to buy a house for your son? I heard that the housing price in the virtual city can be very high."
"But his total worth dozens of billions you zha also take advantage of this number …"
"Don’t count this, Zhuang zi, but the star winemaker of Dazhuang wine facade has to have this number …"
Not far from Zhuang’s father and Zhuang, they were dumbfounded. What do you mean, manager Qi pays Zhuang’s father? What do you mean, Mr. Qi trained Zhuang Dad into an international master of winemaking? What do you mean, Mr. Qi is worth hundreds of millions?
"Qi always really has the ability to beat the brand of Dazhuang wine so loudly outside …"
"The most important thing is that Qi is always developed, and I don’t forget that it has revitalized our Dazhuang winery. Alas, I have always felt that Qi is always unreliable. I am really ignorant …"
Dad Zhuang doesn’t know what to say. He and Zhuang looked at each other not far away, wondering …
Mom, didn’t I return to Wucheng but cross into another world?
What’s the matter with this Qi?
Dad Zhuang just wanted to ask when he saw several old brothers from Mr. Chen and Lao Li coming over in a hurry and waved to Dad Zhuang, which means to go in and say
Dad Zhuang and these people exchanged a few pleasantries casually, and moved the east and west buildings with some old brothers.
The house has been uninhabited for a long time, and it smells like dust and mildew. A group of people are talking in the living room without sitting.
Dad Zhuang asked his old brothers with a puzzled look, "Why is the factory working again?"
Not far from Zhuang, he asked more directly, "What did Qi Zhuang force do?"
Lao Li looked at each other and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.
It turns out that since Sister Yue bought the license and trademark of Dazhuang winery, the winery has once again entered a state of half death.
When a Zhuang Dad’s wine for getting rid of illness caught fire, everyone didn’t expect that this wine was brewed by Zhuang Dad at all.
After all, they know Zhuang’s dad too well. Why is it that a generation of honest winemakers can accomplish everything suddenly? This is impossible!
Definitely not alone
Later, when the wine in Dazhuang was on fire, the winery people still didn’t think much. They suddenly found that they had sold a gold-lettered signboard!
Is Dazhuang liquor so famous and influential?
How can a bottle of wine be so expensive and there are so many people desperately trying to get it?