Goldwind lifted his face and pressed him back to his throat.

Holding high the hammer with a powerful shock wave, he slammed it at the front regardless.
Like a supernova explosion, instantly explode a dazzling golden ball.
The powerful impact will blow away those who pray for peace all around, regardless of the enemy or ourselves.
Feeling this blow, Emperor Huaguang didn’t dare to fight hard. After all, he is not at his peak now.
The foot steam wheel quickly reversed the crescent pike in its hand and stabbed it like rain. After that, Dan Wu flew out.
Dancing leisurely in the rain of his guns, pecking at the divine flame scattered by the pike
Straight out of the shock wave limit before he can stop.
When his left hand was stretched out, the golden brick flew back to his hand. Dan Wu burped and spit out a ball with Venus flame and flew back behind him.
"There are some means to push me back," praised Emperor Huaguang.
This state is simply a satire in Perot’s eyes.
By a person who is a beginner in his own eyes, he comments on himself casually as if he were the toddler.
And this man is still his opponent.
I’m afraid who is listening to this will not feel comfortable.
Perot suppressed his anger and felt that it was beneath him to be angry with a guy with weak divine power.
It needs a strong force to crush it instantly.
In my heart, I am thinking about Perot stretching out a finger in front of me.
A little golden light first appeared and then quickly expanded into a fireball burning with Jin Yan.
Crashing a fireball flew out and went straight to the Emperor Huaguang.
Perot is very confident that this blow can definitely kill the weak divine power across the street.
This is a pride of his great strength and divine power.
At the same time, this fireball also contains most of his magical power to understand the rules of the sun.
Seeing the fireball flying, Emperor Huaguang was not anxious, but flashed the flames in it with his forehead and eyes open.
But in an instant, I saw the fireball truth clearly.
But simulate a small sun with destructive power by powerful force.
It’s fire, but it’s more the sun, which can shine all the light.
If an ordinary fireball is treated, it will be killed by fire light like a shadow.
Emperor Huaguang was also an expert in playing with fire, and few people in the world could understand fire together.
The fire not only burst and destroyed, but also flourished