Stay breath is quite stable, Yang Ye several people have leisure to see-

The giant eagle has a wingspan of at least three meters. Its feathers are shiny and its body is very tall. Two adults don’t look crowded. It looks very beautiful. The streamlined eagle beak is curved with golden horny front end, just like a deadly hook. The eagle’s eyes are sharp and staring at the front. The white feather stands there proudly like a symbol of the king. The eagle claws are firmly spread in the wind. If it touches the human body, it can crush an adult deeply.
"Glug …"
Next to a sudden swallow saliva sound let Yang Ye curious left away-
"What about blue and white?" Yang Ye narrow asked.
"Ahem … nothing." Blue and white buried snow replied that his face was a little pale and his eyes were flashing. Is this nothing?
Yang Ye looked at the blue and white buried snow and glanced at the giant eagle’s brain. "Haha, blue and white, I said you won’t be afraid of heights, right?"
As if poked by Yang Ye words to the pain point, blue and white buried snow face a change immediately shouted and jumped up and turned and shouted "fear of heights? Ha ha … How come! How can I be afraid of heights? ! Don’t joke like that. I’ve been on a plane. I’m afraid of eagles! Ha ha … "
He also said that he was not afraid of heights, and his legs trembled.
Yang Ye funny looking at blue and white buried snow, he didn’t expect such a person to be so afraid of heights, but it’s no wonder that such a giant eagle is really on its back, and ordinary people will tremble with fear.
A few people waited for a while and finally saw that everyone climbed from one of the giant eagles for a middle age. First, the sound rang. "It’s so good that you are well, warriors and four warriors!"
That sounds familiar. Who is Nate?
"Mr. Bennett!" Yang Ye smiled at np. He was still polite.
Nite didn’t change a bit, but his clothes were much better. It seems that his identity as a miner changed. He excitedly ran to the front of four people and looked at them one by one. Finally, he stopped in front of Yang Ye and the blue-and-white buried snow. He said, "Oh, it’s good that you were allowed to pursue Ham at that time. It’s good that you couldn’t catch up with it. Otherwise, the predecessors would have to kill me …" Nite said that the predecessors were human elders in the Sa Ding world, because some words of human beings were forbidden, so they could be called seniors.
"Ham has been wronged and happened to meet here at that time. A little girl learned about the situation here, so she was ready to come and have a rest, but she met some things, but now things have been solved." Yang Ye’s words are mixed with truth and falsehood
Nite doesn’t care if so many warriors are okay. It’s good to take over the plan, but it’s very important. If something happens to these four warriors, all plans will be ruined.
"Aha, it’s good to solve it. In this case, there will be no problem in going there to discuss the big plan. Then everyone …" Nite turned his eyes and glanced at the four people one by one and finally stopped at Yang Ye. "Shall we leave now?"
"Well, let’s go."
After the racecourse people made a simple farewell, several people took a giant eagle and flew to the Sa Ding world human settlement in the hills of South Sa Ding …
There are three people in the giant eagle, and there are six. Besides Yang Ye and Blue and White Burying Snow and two followers, Nite’s guide must also follow Cheng and finally Lena, a little girl.
Lina seems to have changed since she killed the bear supervisor yesterday, except that she can smile in front of Yang Ye. At other times, she looks cold, and everyone who is familiar with the racecourse is like a stranger.
Lena has changed in Yang Ye-
【 hide revenge witness; It is said that Lina doesn’t feel that the hatred in her heart is extinguished after the enemy is killed. The hatred for the royal family in Sa Ding is even worse in her heart. If she doesn’t see the demise of the abyss, her mood will not calm down. If she can see the demise of the royal family in Sa Ding, maybe she will change … It is required to bring Lina to let her witness the demise of the royal family in Sa Ding. Reward to be determined ep+3w]
You have to take her and cripple the Sa Ding royal family to be finished …
Yang Ye looked at Lina behind her, and her little face was quite nervous. Obviously, she was also a little afraid of heights. She hugged Yang Ye tightly and kept her waist tight. Lina’s reward was undetermined and probably finished.
"Lina, relax, it hurts me …" Yang Ye twisted with pain.
"It’s you who loosen your brother and forbid you to hold your brother." Sitting in front of Yang Ye is Lilina. She turned her head and stared at Lina with a face of unhappiness. After seeing Lina’s dress, she was even more careless-Lina was wearing her former Gothic costume! This dress was kept by Yang Yebao and has never been lost. It was just changed for Lina this time, although it was a little bigger, but it was almost the same.
"Ah … oh …" Lina’s mouth faltered and ambiguous. Where did Yang Ye feel let go? Instead, she stuck it tighter behind her waist with greater strength.
And Lilina also rubbed Yang Ye’s arms in anger and insisted that Yang Ye put his arms around her …
What can I do if this post-Qin smoke enters the game … Yang sighed in his ambition and looked at the front with heavy heart …
The remaining two of the three giant eagles are sitting in blue and white and burying snow with his followers’ broken knives. Instead of sitting, the whole body is crawling on the eagle’s back and trembling mouth, and it seems that the game plot designer is cursing this hateful mount. This is no longer a general fear of heights … The last giant eagle is led by Nite riding alone and leading several people to fly in front.
Misty clouds pass by, and the wind is broken by the giant eagle’s body, so there is no danger of falling down. At the same time, the giant eagle also carries special magic, even if it is turned over, it does not make people fall down. Looking at the vast land, you can see rivers, rocks and lakes; Beasts, Woods, strange and inexplicable creatures, giant eagles, quickly flew across mountains and rivers to their destinations …
Although the world in which the royal family of Sa Ding lives is independent, its area is not small. The giant eagle has been flying for several hours to reach its destination. It doesn’t take so long. In the middle of Nai, several people in Yang Ye couldn’t resist the temptation of flying mounts and started flying around, which made them push again and again when they returned to the hills of South Sa Ding …
However, it is extremely difficult to land in the hills of South Sa Ding. According to Nite, it is to avoid the royal family of Sa Ding. The giant eagle is domesticated by people here privately. It is usually closely protected. This thing must not be known by the royal family of Sa Ding, otherwise there will be great disaster. It is not easy to pick up several people and actually move out this time. It was not until Nite received the news from the ground that he circled for dozens of times and landed safely.
South Sa Ding is covered with mysterious lakes. Compared with hills, there are many ups and downs and hills one after another. However, there are more trees and plants, which can hide creatures like giant eagle.
In human settlements, tents are set up at will. Although the royal family of Sa Ding allows human slaves to live here, they also have their own resources. They are not allowed to let trees build houses here, because trees can also be used as weapons if they are ready, so everyone here is watching.
Nite walked around the tents with five people, constantly drilling out clothes in these dilapidated tents. The tattered people, old and young, but certainly not middle-aged, all had to do some heavy work to ensure human safety here.
This is also an important reason why the royal family in Sa Ding allows human beings to get together again. One is that if human beings are concerned and have families, they will not be able to resist, but at the same time, the royal family in Sa Ding will not allow human beings to develop, and even the surrounding forests will be cut down.
The so-called gathering place is more like a slum
Yang Ye walks on his legs in this sewage-crossing place, and the disgusting smell goes straight to his mind, which makes people dizzy. Lilina has hung on Yang Ye’s body and is unwilling to walk for fear of soiling her skirt, but Linus doesn’t mind.
The arrival of a group of people from Yang Ye has also surprised these humans. Looking at Yang Ye, several people have a feeling of being watched, and listening to their conversation has this feeling even more-
"Is the city bearer? Are you going to arrest people again? Didn’t you just catch it? "
"It seems that it is Nite who is not ahead. Isn’t he in the west Sa Ding mining area? How did you come back? "
"I don’t know if it’s a ritual to summon warriors …"
"Mom, their clothes are so beautiful. I want to …"
Nate took a few people to see what people around him said and came to an extremely ordinary tent. First, he bowed and then respectfully said, "Senior Gary, I brought the warriors!" to be continued
Chapter 173 During the uprising
As soon as Nite’s voice fell, he heard several excited sounds in the tent-
"Arnett is back. He brought the warriors back!"
"Finally, finally!"
"Come on, let’s go out and see."
Several sounds were staggered, big and small, accompanied by the ups and downs of the sounds, and the tent curtain was lifted from it. Four people came out of it, all of whom were sixty old men.
Yang Ye miners’ hat swept away and saw several basic information-
Cliff? Chick (? )
hp? /?
It is said that at present, he has been in charge of the living conditions of several people and one race in the Sa Ding world, and he also participated in the secret revitalization plan of the race. Chick was a very good man, and his parents died of fatigue when he was young. With the help of other predecessors, he mastered some magic privately and was a mage.
Jody? Harlow (? )