Chapter four hundred and ninety-four Two-stage jump

Although the ancient Buddha burning lanterns is worse than Excavate, it is worse than Excavate. He suppressed these big-name monster beasts for thousands of years. Here are all sworn enemies with him. When the enemies meet, they are particularly jealous, and they are more black than one.
Originally, without the Seven-level pagoda, the ancient Buddha’s fighting power was already discounted. Coupled with these big-name monster beasts, none of them are fuel-efficient lamps. In the myth of Journey to the West, they all have the ability to penetrate the sky, and they are naturally not much worse in the game. Although each of them is no match for the ancient Buddha, so many people have joined forces, and the ancient Buddha with burning lamps will only be served.
All the big-name monster beasts swarmed, without giving the ancient Buddha with burning lamps any chance to fight back. It was just a cliff-to-cliff, and the ancient Buddha with burning lamps was knocked down directly, followed by inhuman and unsightly group fights.
The screams of the ancient Buddha burning the lantern are like brotherhood of the Wolf, echoing in the eighteen layers of hell, which is simply earth-shattering and makes the gods cry.
In less than five minutes, the ancient Buddha was prostrated on the ground, with no resistance, only rhythmic convulsions.
A number of big-name monster beasts, who cares, want him to die, so no matter how seriously the ancient Buddha is dying, we will launch another round of offensive to kill the ancient Buddha.
"Stop" and see that the ancient Buddha with burning lamps is almost finished. the Monkey King stopped the violent movement of the monster beast in time. "After playing for so long, you should also take it out on the old bald donkey’s life and leave him for a while, and give it to my disciples to solve and improve his strength."
"Good" one of the big monster beast and one person kicked the mud and collapsed on the ground, spat, this just returned to this array.
There is no suspense in the end of the battle on the ancient Buddha’s side, and on the other side, the battle between Jiuzhong and Excavate will soon be known.
"Peng Peng-"Nine-fold unparalleled fierce ghosts are full of flowers, blooming like fireworks.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh-"Excavate, who was at the center of the nine-fold raging storm, was already black and blue, with his mouth slanting and his eyes slanting, screaming and screaming, and the heavenly king lost his grace, like a beggar who was beaten up by people.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
"Are you finished?" Excavate was covered with uneven armor and potholes, as if it had been carpet bombed by bombers. Coupled with a purple face, a bloody nose and mouth, and a bloated face like a pig’s head, the mess has reached an extreme. "Somehow I am also a marshal from heaven."
"You’re not the marshal of heaven’s military forces, Lao Tzu is not flat yet." Nine heavy steps crushed vanity to stop pushing, and immediately came up to excavate again. "Today you are doomed, so please let Lao Tzu give you a ride to avoid suffering."
"I was beaten by your mother", the grand marshal of heaven’s military forces was beaten. No, a thief, zei8. Net ebook sample, Excavate’s self-esteem was hit by the destruction of xìng, and it was already crazy. When I saw Jiuchong rushing to the crowd, I used all my strength to eat N m: I, and I put my fists into the sea, and Ssangyong rolled up a spiral of gas to drill at Jiuzhong. "Disaster, you die-"
In the face of Excavate’s breaking blow, he was not afraid of it. When Excavate’s fists were about to hit his chest, Mouran acted, crushed vanity, borrowed from thin air, flew upside down, escaped Excavate’s fists offensive, and came to Excavate’s head. He suddenly grabbed the red tassel on Excavate’s helmet, driving his body to fall, riding a horse and squatting on Excavate’s neck.
"Magic skill-a destructive blow", a nine-fold unparalleled fierce ghost, two dragons, competed for pearls, and it was not allowed to boom in the left and right temples of Excavate.
"Kaka … Peng" fatal attack, a crucial blow, crit, excavate head like a burst balloon, crashing to pieces.
People can’t do it headless. Excavate, who was shot in the head, collapsed instantly, fell to the ground from mid-air, and was killed on the spot.
With the death of Li Jing, the sweet prompt sound of the system sounded in Jiuzhong’s ear, "Ding, congratulations to the player, the basic level has reached the upgrade standard, and the basic level has been upgraded by one level."
"Ding, congratulations to the player, the level of divine power has reached the upgrade standard, and the level of divine power has been upgraded by one level."
"Depend on … not the kui is a marshal of heaven’s military forces, so he is fat enough." For the promotion of basic level, Jiuzhong doesn’t care much, but he cares about the level of divine power.
Every time his divine power level is upgraded, there will be 100 divine power points that can be allocated. According to his initial allocation ratio, there will be 70 points allocated to the divine power points as early as the first time he obtained the divine power points. The 70 divine power points added to the divine power points on the divine power points, and finally after various addition conversions, damage per second’s promotion is more than ten times.
Don’t say the overall combat power, single theory of attack power, nine levels of divine power each level, his attack power will be increased by more than ten times, his basic attack power is already a very horrible value, if this value is increased by ten times, it is definitely a qualitative leap.
Killed the king of Tota, Excavate, and the fighting capacity of Jiuchong went up a storey still higher. He was totally different from himself a moment ago. Now, even he has the strength to fight with the ancient Buddha burning lamps, and he will not be so embarrassed as before.
However, he has no chance to play against the ancient Buddha with burning lamps.
After the system prompts, Jiuzhong landed from mid-air, turned over the bottom next to Excavate’s body first, and collected all the gold coins and a piece of equipment that Excavate played the last remaining heat, which only spared Excavate’s bones before they were cold.
After processing Excavate, Jiuzhong came to the ancient Buddha with burning lamp, glanced at the ancient Buddha with burning lamp convulsing on the ground, and turned to ask the Monkey King, "Master, this bald donkey is your great enemy. Why do you still keep him? Kill it. "
"It’s going to kill him, just waiting for you to start work." Although just treating the ancient Buddha with burning lamps and Excavate the Monkey King is Y and N Sen’s terror, it’s very different to treat Jiuzhong, such as Mu chūn wind. No way, who is Jiuzhong’s apprentice? He is a person who justifying a fault.
"Thank you, Master." Nine times realized that this was the welfare that the Monkey King fought for him. After thanking him, he turned around and faced the ancient Buddha with a burning lamp.
"Burn the lamp, don’t say anything, who told you to be a monk, who will go to hell if you don’t go to hell?" As soon as the wall was finished, the ancient Buddha burned the lamp in a weak state, and the whole body was almost below the issue price. It was impossible to get a nine-fold blow after the leap in strength, and it was directly pierced by a hole, smashed the heart and cleared the blood volume, and died.
The sweet prompt sound of "Ding" system rang in Jiuzhong’s ear again, "Congratulations to the player, the level of divine power has reached the upgrade standard, and the level of divine power has been upgraded by one level."
"Wow" Jiuzhong was taken aback. I didn’t expect to just kill an ancient Buddha with burning lamps, which actually raised his divine power level by one level. "Sure enough, ginger is still hot, and this old monk is fatter than Excavate."
Get rid of the two famous people in the myth, and the nine-fold divine power level jumps two levels, and the two levels are upgraded in one breath. The surrounding big-name monster beasts can obviously feel that the force emitted by the nine-fold is amazing.
Looking at the nine heavies whose strength has been improved again, the Monkey King nodded satisfactorily. "Well, it has finally become a bit of a climate. With your current strength, in the upper bound, few people can bully you except one supreme level figure and some extreme anomalies."
"ACTS will make persistent efforts, strive for further progress." Nine heavy side talking to the Monkey King, while rummaging through the ancient Buddha with burning lamp that has been hung up, searched it cleanly, and finally did not even let go of the bodies of the ancient Buddha with burning lamp and Excavate, and also informed the left-behind personnel in the colorful magic capital to come and carry it away to make the best use of it.
After notifying the left-behind personnel in the colorful magic capital, Jiuzhong again set his eyes on the seven-level pagoda strung on the nine-level golden hoop and the exquisite pagoda wrapped in a small white dragon. "Hi, Master, ShiShu, I don’t know if you can still use the exquisite pagoda and seven-level pagoda that you collected from Excavate and the burning lamp? If you can use it, it’s better to get it cheaper. "
Jiu Zhong asked this question because he knew that it was impossible for players to rob rather than kill the things that exploded from the NPC corner Se or other players, except for some system task items, but he didn’t know whether there was this restriction on robbing each other between NPC corners Se.
"Of course, it’s quite a thief to use your boy’s eyes. I’ll pick out good things, but who told you that you were my student? Here you are." the Monkey King gave a sign to the little white dragon with his eyes, and gave a pair of towers, the seven pagoda and the exquisite pagoda, to the ninth.
Jiuzhong took over two god-class pagodas, which belonged to xìng, but I didn’t look at them. I don’t need to look at them, but I can’t go wrong. I just looked at the use status of the equipment and found that the exquisite pagoda can be put into use directly without any restrictions, and the seven-level pagoda can only be used after being poked by the wishful golden hoop.
"As long as it can be used," Jiuzhong contentedly pocketed the two pagodas. "Thank you, Master and Uncle."
Because of Jiuzhong’s flattering offensive, Xiao Bailong’s affection for Jiuzhong is very high. When he heard this, he smiled, "belonging to the family, why bother to mention it?"
"Now heaven and Buddhism have each lost a general, which is very good." the Monkey King told Jiuchong Road, "Good disciple, you continue to go out and play it by ear, and try to further deplete the power of heaven and Buddhism, such as Excavate and the ancient Buddha burning the lamp. You can lead me here, and I will call him to come and never return."
"Hey …" Nine thieves laughed. "Don’t worry, Master, it’s up to me. You guys stay here and stand by. I’m out."
Say and nine heavy to the entrance of eighteen layers of hell, a ring calls out the door of vanity, leave eighteen layers of hell, to the outside, and another ring, the door of vanity closed.
The "God" started all the way, and it didn’t take long for Jiuzhong to return to the main battlefield of Lingshan.
Didn’t immediately go to find the sheep, before that, Jiuchong stealth, into the battlefield within Lingshan, pay attention to the situation, this is secondary, as long as the purpose is to inspect the situation of players in the Holy Alliance.
After some inspection, Jiuzhong found that other league guild players, except those who spend money in hell, still lacked the skills of gagging and fishing in troubled waters on the battlefield, but fortunately, the players who have spent money in hell led the demonstration and gave them a vivid lesson.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-five Demonstration
Before, when we raided the branches of Buddhism in the Upper Bound, because the forces of Heaven were far superior to those of Buddhism branches, players in the Holy Alliance could only play the soy sauce of Buddhism, but didn’t dare to play the idea of Heaven to avoid being discovered (). **
But now the Lingshan battlefield, all the forces of heaven and Buddhism are gathered here, only the forces of heaven and Buddhism are equal, and the fight is naturally nearly as bad, so the key to the war lies in the 100 million human military forces led by Jiu Chong.
Although the nine-fold, 100-million-man military forces are fighting against heaven and Buddhism, they just can’t hold on to a large number of people, and many ants bite dead elephants, so it is definitely a force that can’t be ignored.
No matter which side this force is trying to help heaven or Buddhism, the direct result is that the balance of victory or defeat in the war will tilt.
But the problem is that this force, under the instruction of Jiu Zhong, will not take sides in this Armageddon, but will only meet both sides and say hello.
Therefore, under the circumstance that we can’t count on the help of the nine heavy human forces, only relying on the forces of heaven and Buddhist equally matched to wage war with Buddhism, the situation will no longer be as devastating as the previous sweeping of Buddhist branches, flowing, and it will only be the worst, only more tragic.
Indeed, this is the case. The celestial army and thousands of Buddhists fought the most bitterly in Lingshan, and the blood stained Lingshan ().
Due to the previous situation, the senior players of Hell Blossom didn’t demonstrate the skills of playing soy sauce on both sides in the battle to other league guild players, so that at the beginning of the war, the players of other league guilds continued to follow the previous routine, unilaterally helping the celestial military forces to crack down on the Buddhists, gagging, and striving for the last chance to kill the Buddhists whenever they had the chance, and grabbing experience.
The players of Hell Blossom couldn’t help frowning when they saw the fighting mode of other league guilds, and they said to other league guild players in their respective leading teams, "This is a strange time, and the battle here is not like this!"
"That how to play? !” Other league guild players have raised the same question.
"Keep your eyes open!" The players of the hell’s wild flowers said one after another, and then a team of one thousand people gathered together and went into battle.
On a certain battlefield, two mountain soldiers were fighting with three Buddhas, and suddenly they saw the human players who helped them to fight run away. They were still wondering. Not long after, they found that they were back. Obviously, this group of people is different from the previous group, and all of them are made up of fighting players who are crazy in hell. .. but the two heavenly soldiers with their eyes above the top didn’t care about this at all. In their eyes, all human players are the same, the mob is just cannon fodder.
One thousand Hellfire players joined the battle group to help two heavenly soldiers fight three Buddhists. The main content of the assistance was to gag and harass the three Buddhists so that they could not attack smoothly, thinking that the two heavenly soldiers would strive for more opportunities to kill each other.
The strength of each of the three Buddhists is equal to that of the two mountain soldiers on the opposite side, and the three Buddhists naturally occupy a great advantage. The three Buddhists cooperated tacitly and jointly acted, forcing the two mountain soldiers into danger several times, but all of them fell short because of the spoiler of the hell-mad flower players, and failed to hit the two mountain soldiers in one fell swoop.