"No, no, no, not because of David, but because Raul just left you and wore his jersey. He grew up and played with Raul for so many years, and he is probably used to Real Madrid number seven being Raul."

C Ronaldo is a little flustered. "Then I will change a number?" He chose his number when he was at Manchester United, forgetting that Real Madrid No.7 had just left the meritorious player Raul.
Messi quickly waved his hand. "Nothing is a very generous person. He will get better after a few days. You don’t go to tell him about it."
When Messi introduced Real Madrid people and things to Cristiano Ronaldo, so that the other party could get familiar with Real Madrid earlier, Kaka noticed that the doctor in charge of his medical examination became a little serious during the medical examination.
People have something to say. Kaka will find out the hidden dangers in this physical examination, and then he can be treated earlier. His health is much better than that of life, and of course it will be smoother on Real Madrid Day.
There was a small theater yesterday that forgot to write today’s supplement.
-Raul transferred to Northeast dialect-
Raul, the world is so big that I want to see it.
Lafayette, get out of here quickly
What are you looking at? Come back quickly or I’ll cut you!
Today, there is another letter that is not very good. There are letters and many words that are suitable. It takes half a day to choose.
Every time the stuffed child calls him Guti, he feels very naive.
Plug likes to spend their common birthday with Guti, while Lei Dongduo hates his little brother to rob his wife on his birthday.
Lei Dongduo’s favorite after marriage is cookbooks. He is determined to fatten Guti up.
Guti told Lei Dongduo cheerfully that he wanted to get a dog. Lei Dongduo looked at him silently and said nothing, but said in his heart that he had kept it for a long time and didn’t want to get another one.
Lei Dongduo likes Guti’s eyes best, asking Guti to do something wrong. Those eyes will be soft-hearted and forgive him when they look at Lei Dongduo Lei Dongduo.
When Guti and Lei Dongduo celebrated their golden wedding, a film about their love was shown.
Many years later, when Guti Sun played for Real Madrid, Guti still lived happily with Lei Dongduo.
Horse-horse riding
After a holiday, Guti and Lei Dongduo rode a horse together, and for a long time, Guti refused to ride with Lei Dongduo.
Ieream-ice cream
Guti likes to eat ice cream, but because of dysmenorrhea, Lei Dongduo doesn’t allow him to eat it, and then he has a stomachache. After Lei Dongduo can rub his stomach, Guti won’t have a long memory and will continue to steal it.
Lei Dongduo likes Goody to wear his jersey in their bedroom, but don’t wear anything else.
On vacation, Lei Dongduo likes to let Guti sit on his knee, and then the two of them just sit quietly and watch the scenery.
Lei Dongduo likes to kiss Guti’s lips in the early morning to wake him up.
Many people hope that Lei Dongduo and his wife’s marriage will break up as soon as possible so that they can take advantage of it, but they all failed.
Guti is never short of suitors, so Lei Dongduo sent Guti a necklace with his name on it.
One day, when Lei Dongduo came home, he found Guti wiping away tears. He was a little worried and came to comfort Guti. After enjoying a thoughtful service from Lei Dongduo, Guti told him that he had just cut an onion.