Lucy squeezed out from behind a group of models. She did not gracefully judo in front of Ye Qing with a wooden stick. "Come with me, two distinguished guests." Ye Qing immediately followed Lucy like a spell, and Dong Laoer quickly followed.

The group of models also buzzed with two people and entered the conference room together. When Mojie saw the conference room door, she said to the beauty at the front desk, "Check this company online to see if it is a leather bag company."
The beauty at the front desk nodded and said, "Sister Mo is so cautious or don’t believe them?" Mojie snorted, "There are a lot of people who cheat money and color in this society nowadays, so I have to be cautious. Besides, I always feel a little suspicious when that woman came here to make a scene. That woman is well dressed and has a special temperament, which doesn’t seem to be out of her mind."
"Got it! There is this company, and it seems that it is quite powerful to send several large-scale real estates. Look at this Furama House, which was sent by this company, with the name and words of the marketing manager. "The beauty at the front desk said to Mojie.
"What’s the name of the marketing manager?"
"Dong Tiancheng!"
"Is it true? Is the phone number and business card right? "
"That’s right! But I don’t think that person is Dong Tiancheng by these two things alone. What if he found Dong Tiancheng’s business card? "
"That makes sense! Then call me at this number and I’ll eavesdrop at the door of the conference room. If his cell phone rings, then he is the real Dong Tiancheng! "
"Good MoJie really smart!" The beauty at the front desk exclaimed, and then she dialed the business card and mobile phone number. Mojie had already rushed to the outside of the conference room. Sure enough, the mobile phone bell rang in the conference room and heard Dong Laoer say, "Hello, who’s calling?" By the wrong number? "
Mojie immediately felt relieved that she pushed the door of the conference room directly and went in. She said to Ye Qing more enthusiastically than before, "What’s the name of this president?"
Ye Qing was about to speak, but Dong Laoer beat him to it. "Our boss is also surnamed Dong. We are relatives. Otherwise, where can I be a department manager?" Then he blinked at Ye Qing, and Ye Qing immediately got the message. This guy really did a watertight job.
"It turns out that the two are relatives. Manager Dong, you must take good care of these girls after I have them!" Mojie’s face is smiling like a flower, and her eyes are always on Lucy, although several other models have been around him, all kinds of coquettish hair dia.
Hearing Mo Jie’s words, Ye Qing turned her eyes away from Lucy and said to Mo Jie, "Let’s talk about it. I appreciate all these girls under Mo Jie’s hand, especially Miss Lucy. I always feel that I have a special fate with her."
Sister Mo is the best at reading and sensing. She immediately knows that Ye Qing is very interested in Lucy. In fact, whenever she sees Lucy’s men, which one is not interested, Lucy is different from other models. She is a little difficult to tunnel, "Director Dong’s vision is really good. It is her blessing that Lucy can get your attention, but Lucy is a temporary contract with us and I can’t make decisions at any time. Director Dong appreciates Lucy and talks with her privately."
Then Sister Mo said to Lucy, "Lucy Dong appreciates you so much. You must work hard and don’t let Dong down!" She is obviously a double-talker. Lucy is a smart person. Of course, she can listen to the meaning of Bai Mojie’s words. There is a kind of disgust in her eyes and Yuzryha feels a little distressed.
Chapter sixty-six Su Yanbing
Mo Jie, the model leader, winked at Lucy and left the meeting room. Lucy showed a look of being forced to be a prostitute at the table. Yuzryha couldn’t help feeling guilty. He waved to other models and said, "You go and greet Manager Dong and I’ll talk to Lucy alone."
Those models smell speech and pout, but they can’t go against the will of Ye Qing, the "big boss". They surround Dong Laoer like bees, and Dong Laoer is a veteran of the romantic field. Instead, he will enjoy this scene and soon coax a group of female models into charming smiles.
Lucy naturally hangs down with one hand and the other hand is holding the hanging arm with a pair of long, round and beautiful legs crossed. She looked at Ye Qing with bitterness in her eyes. "Director Dong, I want to make it clear to you first that I don’t want to do things like them. I hope you don’t force me! If you want to talk to me, I hope we are talking about work, okay? "
Ye listened to her and thought that Lucy was really different from other female models. She was greatly gratified and hurriedly said, "Don’t worry, I’m different from others. I won’t force you to do things you don’t like, including talking to me. If you don’t feel happy talking to me, you can leave now."
"Director Dong, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to talk to you." Lucy Ye Qing was angry and quickly explained.
"Well, I know. Let’s talk about it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know more about you, okay?" Ye Qing looked at Lucy’s almost perfect face with a hint of admiration in her tone.
"Manager Dong, just ask me what you want to know." Lucy also pulled up a chair and sat in an elegant posture, which made people feel that she was perfect in any posture. Ye was pounding with heart. He had never seen such a beautiful person.
"What’s your real name? Can you tell me?" Ye Qing actually has no idea to talk about work, and he has no work to do for Lucy. He just tries to get the information he wants by fictional identity. Lucy’s real name is naturally what he wants to know most at present.
Lucy looked at Ye Qing unexpectedly. Obviously, she didn’t expect Ye Qing’s first question was to ask her name. She hesitated slightly and said, "The name is just a code name. This English name is also a code name. I just know that your name is me. You don’t need to know my real name, do you?"
"I don’t really want to talk to you about work. I want to make friends with you. There is no other purpose. I think you are different from others. That’s why I admire you, Lucy. Am I qualified to be your friend?" Ye Qing looked at Lucy sincerely, which was the root of his heartfelt thoughts.
Lucy looked into his eyes and seemed to feel his sincerity. She smiled and said, "Of course we can be friends. If we don’t have conflicts of interest, my friends rarely ask you to stand me anyway. Then you are my friend. Do you know that I don’t have any friends in this company? Look at them. They usually turn a blind eye to me. I think they are very unsociable because of my differences!"
"People who don’t go with the flow are special people and you are special, but since we can be friends, honesty is the most important thing for friends. Shouldn’t you tell me your real name?" Leaf tilt said with a smile
Lucy saw that he was still thinking about his real name and couldn’t help smiling. "My name is Su Yanbing, and you? It won’t be called Director Dong, will it? "
"Su Yanbing? What a beautiful name! " Ye Qing sighed in his heart that this beautiful woman deserves such a name and suddenly has a special temperament. Leng Yan has some purity and he can’t help but get drunk.
"Dong zong? Aren’t you going to tell me your name? " Su Yanbing see Ye Qing a little fugue can’t help but wake up
Ye Qing immediately return to absolute being embarrassed tunnel "Miss Su, please forgive me for not telling you my real name now, and you know my identity. I will tell you after you trust me."
Su Yanbing couldn’t help but be disappointed, and then her voice was low. "You just said that being a friend is more important than being honest. You don’t really treat me as a friend."
Ye Qing smell speech immediately nasty quickly motioning with his hand, "no no! Miss Su, don’t get me wrong. I really regard you as a friend, but I have difficulties. Can you understand me? "
"Forget it. Anyway, the name is a code name. Don’t call me Miss Su. I’m a little sensitive and disgusted with the name Miss." Su Yanbing said
"Then can I call you Bingbing?" Ye Qing asked Su Yanbing with a smile and shook his head. "I don’t think we are familiar enough. You’d better call me Lucy."
"ok Lucy, what would you choose to be a model? Your personality is definitely not easy to mix in this industry. You should also know what you want to stick to? " Leaf tilt is very asked curiously.
Su Yanbing smiled sadly and looked sad at once. It seemed that she was sad. She bowed her head and her long hair hung down to cover her eyelids, making it impossible to see if there were tears in her eyes.
"I … I know a lot of hidden rules in this industry. I feel very hard to refuse so many people with ulterior motives every day. I have offended those people, and I can’t get a job. Sometimes I really don’t want to do it, but I can’t give up. I’m really miserable …" Su Yanbing choked. Her hands hung down and her hair was pinned behind her ears, revealing that delicate little face. Her eyes were red. It seemed that her true feelings were revealed. Yuzryha couldn’t help wondering if she had any sad life experiences, such as her father was terminally ill and needed money to treat her illness,
"If you have any difficulties, you can talk to me. I am willing to be your most loyal listener." Ye Qing is very sincere and authentic. Su Yanbing reluctantly smiled and sniffed. "I’m not embarrassed. I’m a little rude. Manager Dong, let’s talk about work. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity."
Ye Qing’s smell speech was a little disappointed. Su Yanbing didn’t believe that he wouldn’t tell himself her life story. He was so passive and tunnel "Okay, let’s talk about work."
"Does Dong always ask us to help you advertise your company’s real estate?" Su Yanbing asked.
"That’s right" is a little weak when it comes to industrial leaves falling in love. After all, he is an impostor. He has had edema at most in his life. Where has he been? Director Dong knows nothing about the real estate xuanhe modeling industry. He can simply answer Su Yanbing and dare not say a word.