However, it’s always a good thing to get a reward anyway, and it can’t be better to get a perfect evaluation again. You know, a perfect evaluation is equivalent to huge experience and great equipment. I thought of this maple and immediately backpacked and saw a purple necklace inside.

Chapter 23 Not ended double
Wailing necklace
Rarity 3
Level 7 required.
With skills, screaming in pain
Screaming in pain and screaming in horror will put your target in a state of fear for 15 seconds, and the skill will cool down for 1 minute.
Remarks Sometimes she will sing a song for you.
Rare degree 3 equipment maple is guessed, but I didn’t expect this necklace to be accompanied by skills. You know, all the equipment maple has got so far is accompanied by some special effects to slightly improve his strength, but this time he got a skill directly, and it is also a very control skill. This reward is really a little good
"The grade does not conform to the legal equipment"
Just when Feng crossed the aisle and planned to equip the mourning necklace, the unified display suddenly rang.
Grade requirements? Feng immediately looked at the wailing necklace again and found that there was a requirement to wear a grade, and it would not be until level 7. It’s not strange that he didn’t look carefully because the front equipment didn’t have this setting. This grade requirement came too suddenly
"Forget level 7, level 7. Anyway, the previous level is still relatively good." After a pity, Feng put the necklace back in his backpack.
"Well, it’s time for you to finish your work. When you’re finished, I’ll pick out a piece of equipment suitable for your church." Keith pointed to the biscuit and said.
When she heard Keith’s words, Feng remembered that she hadn’t received the entrusted reward yet, so she smiled. "Then please help me choose a light equipment. By the way, where is the water in the church?"
"If you go out and turn left, there will be water," Keith replied.
"Okay, I know. Cookies come here."
After coming to the ground with biscuits, Feng immediately found an artificial lake and immediately felt that the church was really rich.
After one person and one dog walked to the lake, Feng first poured water on the biscuits, but it was also quite good and didn’t resist.
However, the real trouble only knows how long it has been since the biscuit was thoroughly wetted. Anyway, if the water flows through it, it will immediately turn into sewage. It seems that it will be a big project to clean it.
Just as Feng was thinking about whether to throw cookies into the lake, a bar of soap suddenly came to him.
Feng looked up and found that the soap handed to him was a player whose ID was Weiyang Double.
"Brother, how can you wash it with light water?" Weiyangshuang said.
"Thank you for having such props. It’s quite amazing," said Feng after taking the soap.
"Hey, don’t do a few low-level entrusted rewards are all these messy things. Are you doing it, brother? It seems that this is not an ordinary dog, right? " Not ended double saw eye biscuits and said
Feng replied, "Well, it’s almost finished" while rubbing the biscuits with soap.
"Is this church hair? It seems that no one has done it. "
"This church will send?" Maple leng way
Weiyang Shuang looked surprised at Feng and didn’t look like pretending, so he said, "Of course, otherwise, why don’t players gather here and do more churches so that they can become priests?"
"I see." This maple finally knows why there are so many players in the church.
"Then why didn’t you pick up the church and come here to bathe the dog?" Weiyang double asked
"I took the mercenary guild just in time for the church to come here. Do you also want to become a priest?"
"No, I want to transfer soldiers to church to accompany my friends." Weiyang Shuang shook his head.
Two people are talking. Feng has soaped the biscuits, then washed them with water again, and finally cleaned them a little.
After washing the cookies, Feng said to Weiyangshuang, "Thank you for the soap, but I’m not sure what I can do in the church."
"Just do me a favor and make friends." Weiyang double laughed.
"Player Weiyang Shuang wants to add your friend. Do you agree?"
After agreeing to Weiyang Shuang’s request, Feng said, "Feel free to talk if you need help."
"Well, you should hand it in first. My friend should come to me soon."
"See you later" Feng nodded and left with cookies.
After Feng left, a man whose ID was to regain his old dream came over and looked at Weiyang and asked, "Who are you chatting with?"
"Oh, I just met a friend named Yan, and I also asked him what the rare church wanted to inquire about." Weiyangshuang replied.
"Did you ask anything?"
"No, he’s a mercenary. It’s just that he should be a master. He’s fully equipped and looks better than the black hand."
After hearing Weiyang’s double description, he regained his old dream and exclaimed, "So much? Yan returned … I didn’t seem to have heard of this figure before. Did you add friends? "
"That must have been added. By the way, how did you pick it up?"
"This time received a good you heard about me …"
After returning to Keith’s house with cookies, Keith looked at the cookies and said with satisfaction, "It’s done well. You can take this glove."
"Oh, you are so white. I want it." Feng took the white gloves handed by Keith and said that he really lacked a pair of gloves.
Blessing gloves
Rarity 2
Defensive force is slightly lower
Special effect wound healing ability is slightly accelerated.
Remarks make the method gently rub and touch the wound.