Rarity 5

Run faster.
Physical strength 3/3
Attached skills such as walking on the ground, wild heart, double riding and fear of charge
Walking on the ground (passively) can keep running at the highest speed no matter what terrain.
When the wild heart (passive) rushes, the moving speed increases gradually and will not be affected by control skills.
Double riding (passive) Two people can ride at the same time.
Fear of charging (take the initiative) to charge the target. During the charging process, all damage caused by the epidemic consumes 15 points of physical strength.
Remarks A horse with Ares blood. Why do you ask a horse with Ares blood? That’s what those gods like to do. Shh … It’s good to be white.
Main character
Player friends
Lan Luoyin Ye Yulan Game Nickname
Tianma Xingke Feng first knew his business friend and now he is planning to work with Feng.
A female warrior with strong fighting ability
Weiyang Shuangfeng met her friend, the Great Shield Warrior, because of a bar of soap in the church.
The apprentices of the breeze and flowing clouds project are good at making all kinds of bombs and picking up the old dreams behind the scenes in Weiyang.
The wind and the rain are walking in the mercenary king road.
The player who walks out of the mage tower before the twilight is powerful, but has a little magic value and has the special ability to dig out good things in a closed room.
Feng Liang met his first priest in the black market.
In the early stage of the city’s old dream, after the transaction of selling impact rings in the forum was completed, maple friends were added.
The heart is right, the road is wild, and it happens to be an NPC village. The village chief wants to build a good village with the help of maple power.
Ten parties are destroyed. After selling tough leather armor to Feng through Tianma Traveler, they added friends and silent assassins.
Just a supporting role, a powerful player with a dead fish eye.
The bold warrior of liquor character and the pale friend of the oil gourd trio all hang out in the jewelry association.
Fang Tian and crimson autumn leaves sailed against the current for a long time to buy high-grade ore from Feng.
Sad but not hurt, President Haixinge occupies the mine outside Mite City. He once saw the main players in the Maple Guild through another game, The Game, including the solo of the wind-driven chamber player.
After taking people to attack the mine without hurting the mine, the president of the Light Time Tianying Association saw the power of Maple and asked him to help them clean up the main players in the Crystal Cave Association, including the sword-hearted gray dragon, listening to the rain, falling fire, wolves and hedgehogs.
Members of the Death Hand Corps often rob monsters and players in the wild, including wood, wild and weak chickens.
The lone ruffian pulled up a group of players in the chaotic town of Flash Gold, and they fought against the NPC gang. People wanted to find fault, but Feng hit them in the heart.
Major NPC
Keith plays less than the main character, right?
The instructor of Edwin Feng Novice Village is called a jungle adventurer.
Feng, the owner of Betty’s equipment store, often receives rewards from her, which is very good.