In the non-mainstream type, Anne and Scarecrow are now the auxiliary representative formations.

In the auxiliary selection, the consumptive auxiliary will consume more power than him, but he will change to the violent auxiliary
For violent assistance, it is more violent than him. If it is not violent, it will be violent. There is a restorative assistance.
Of course, these are all paper talks, and when it comes to actual combat, we still need to treat specific problems specifically.
In combination with ad, male guns, Draven, which are better, need violent assistance ez, aircraft, which can consume and need consumable assistance, and Vayne Mouth, which is a developmental ad, needs protective assistance.
Yu Anni’s assistant field, her partner ad, needs to be as violent as possible and try to get rid of the other person in one second.
Compared with policewomen, it is easier to play with most assistants in the early stage because of their long hands.
Choosing the entry game is the time to decide the tactics.
"Do you want to play the first-class group?" Ayang asked a few people to get serious when they really hit them.
Lu Zhan and Su Yueran are both large, but Xiao Shengqiang and Ayang are both Class 3, and their fighting capacity is not high, which means that the other side’s fighting capacity will not be high.
However, the matching system will give priority to their four-man black meeting, and it is not necessarily impossible for them to play the first-class group opposite the four-man black opponent
"fight!" Lu Zhan said
"Don’t fight!" Su Yueran said almost at the same time
The first-level regiment still decides whether to play the land exhibition according to the formation, and feels that it can still play a dozen under the control of Riven, Snowman and Nami.
But Su Yueran …
Lu Zhan looked at her with questioning eyes. It would be good if she had a good idea.
"I have a shadow over the first-class regiment," she said firmly
There are shadows …
At the moment, Lu Zhan feels that he also has a shadow over win’s future. A group of unreliable teammates have cast a shadow over Lu Zhan’s competition brigade.
"I’m the captain and I’m in charge," Su Yueran said.
"Well" Lu Zhan didn’t say anything more. Su Yueran is the organizer. Let her command for the time being. If not, he is commanding. After being influenced by professional teams, Lu Zhan feels that his command is still reliable.
Since they didn’t play the first-level group and entered the game, they went straight to their own line. They were born in Fang, Yang was red, ad and auxiliary, so they followed him to buff.
Lu Zhan, on the other hand, went through the middle road and watched him in his own blue buff. He had no eyes to ensure that the blue was not stolen before the line of soldiers, but it was better to have a guarantee than nothing.
It is more common in this section that the hero of the other side is the fire man, who has control, explosion and consumption
After all, the two main outputs of the fire man are non-directional.
But Lu Zhan has confidence, and he still has a little experience than hiding skills.
After so long tempering, now Lu Zhan can stop going out and admit that he is timid. This time, he went out with Dolan ring and blood bottle. He learned E skills at the first level and planned to suppress the fire man in one game.
Chapter 131 2 minutes to solve each other
"I think the fighting capacity is five people, two more than three, one more than four and two more than five," said Shan Xiaoshengqiang.
"What about us?" Lu Zhan asked him that he was not very clear about the concept of combat effectiveness.
"You are 56? You are not silver, how can you be so fighting! " Xiaoshengqiang call way
"You can tell by his winning percentage," Su Yueran said while waiting for the blue buff to refresh.
"Seventy-three percent winning rate … It was a great god playing the trumpet. It was a shame."
The statistics of box combat effectiveness index show that the sum of winning games, winning percentage and basic points, and the high winning percentage has great influence on combat effectiveness.
However, we must know that Shinichi is the most undiscovered talent area in the league. There are countless trumpet players here. Although the stage is not high, his winning percentage is already outrageous.
However, it is also a purple flower that has always won in a row recently.