When people are hungry, their heads will be much better. Come and think about it.
In fact, combined with Lao Pei’s own vaguely said childhood memories, it also made come slowly to a guess in my mind.
Did Dad Pei come to make peace with Lao Pei?
So how did you suddenly become Lao Pei’s husband?
If Pei’s dad came to make peace and Lao Pei didn’t want to make peace, then he must have been made a shield by Lao Pei. Now this shield seems to have been completely filled. If Pei’s dad forced Lin Feng, it would be very difficult because Lao Pei didn’t tell Lin Feng what he meant.
Can you master this scale by yourself?
If you go too far, you will worry that you will accidentally make Lao Pei and Pei Dad more stiff, so it will be thankless at both ends.
If Lao Pei wants to make peace … then there is definitely nothing to come. Lao Pei’s attitude now is the most important point of this meal.
But the key point is Lao Pei’s attitude.
Lao Pei doesn’t say that Lin Feng doesn’t know, which means that Lao Pei doesn’t want to say. What does it mean?
Come is not a worm in Lao Pei’s stomach. Sophie comes with her every month. How does she know what Lao Pei is thinking now?
Come tangled, nai and depressed.
I’m determined to go back and educate Lao Pei well. No, now Lin Feng is made a big head by Pei’s father and Lao Pei.
Pei dad looked talk has pulled bottom chair show and come close together LaoPei again.
The smile decreased slightly before the primping again.
Eyes rested on Lao Pei, who had stuck to Lin Feng’s body, and he was just about to persuade Lao Pei again.
"Goo goo goo ….." Pei dad squinted before coming to look at the birthplace of the sound chef Pei dad immediately white just now is coming five zang-organs temple to protest.
Picked up the chopsticks in front of him and pressed his hand to signal that he should eat first. Pei Dad has taken the lead in moving chopsticks.
Come to see the protagonist eat dinner come don’t know LaoPei plan, of course, also can follow to eat.
However, Lao Pei put a piece of eel in Linfeng’s ear when he was just about to prepare his mouth, and said to wash his hands and left the door.
Pei’s dad waited for the door of the package to close gradually with the sound of Lao Pei’s going out, and then slowed down the chopsticks in his hand.
Seemingly casual and Lin Feng pulled up homely.
From how come and Lao Pei realize that now both of them live in Pei’s dad asked.
Lin Feng heard from Lao Pei that Lao Pei’s father was a cook when he was very young, and he was a cook at home at the age of ten, a chef at the age of thirteen and a chef at the age of sixteen. When Lao Pei’s mother had Lao Pei, she was already a chef in a big restaurant, and now she has become her own boss.
But I still like to tell others that I am a chef.
Come but don’t know come savory eating nine twin huaiyang dishes are in front of the huaiyang cuisine first-class chef cooking.
Eating and eating come is full, so I can’t help it. Come to eat is always fast.
If compared with Xiao Shi, a big eater in EH, it is not only faster than ordinary people.
At least faster than the future father-in-law in front of him.
Pei’s dad was full of joy when he saw Lin Feng eating quickly. The chef didn’t dislike others’ liking to eat his own food, and now he is still the right person for his daughter.
Eating slowly is good for digestion, but I still like Lin Feng more and more in my heart.
Lao Pei went to Wei Sheng for a long time and never came back.
Pei dad turned to come and talked about this meeting.
Actually, come guess is good. Dad Pei came here to persuade Lao Pei to go home.
At the beginning, Pei’s father hoped that Lao Pei would inherit his mantle and make achievements in the chef industry.
However, Lao Pei thought that he liked life. Lao Pei likes to live freely and unconstrained. Like most rebellious children, it is difficult to tell his parents.
Lao Pei couldn’t get along with his family at that time. He secretly borrowed some money from his friends. Although Lao Pei left in anger, he felt even worse when he saw all the girls around him in the palm of his hand when he arrived at J.
In the first semester of J University, Lao Pei also took out a student loan. In his heart, he became more and more dissatisfied with his father who opposed his university, and the origin of Lao Pei’s selling of moving pieces in J University was directly related to economic distress.
At that time, Lao Pei didn’t have a candidate. When he was hungry, he not only had a better head, but also acted decisively.
Lao Pei started such a gray industry without fruit.
However, a little girl was forced to sit on this industry when she first entered college. Lao Pei must have some resentment and dissatisfaction in her heart. Among them, she was most dissatisfied with not letting her university and cutting off her own economy.
This kind of dissatisfaction comes after knowing Lao Pei.
But today, I sat down to have dinner with Pei’s dad, and I was lucky enough to hear what Pei’s dad said completely when Lao Pei was away.
Come in the heart is crying.
Lao Pei and Pei’s father should have answered the old saying.
No one likes to be interfered by others and choose their own life, not even the closest people.
Come to have something in mind but didn’t tell Pei Dad that he wanted to talk to Pei Dad.
Lao Pei had a good life, and the bank money was broken by 100 thousand
Yesterday, I stripped Lin Feng of her first salary, and now she is a little rich woman compared with Lin Feng in a worn-out suit.
And she’s a rich woman
But come is still hesitant and pei dad is telling the truth.
Pei dad made a request to come.
Saying it’s a request doesn’t really count
It’s more of a request because Pei’s father said that he had paid great attention to his tone and expression.
"Persuade Lao Pei to let her go home and see her mother. She is our only daughter."
It’s hard to imagine a young man chasing a chef. After so many years and so many vicissitudes of life, he finally succeeded, but he was too soft to make a request with a young man who had just left college.
Lao Pei
Come to know that Lao Pei’s mother misses Lao Pei and his father must miss him.
In Pei’s dad’s expression, Lin Feng also knew that this table was the main dish in the Huaiyang cuisine that he asked Lao Pei to learn.