Wendy also heard Anna’s voice. She looked at the woman who suddenly appeared and couldn’t help showing her vigilance. After all, she knew that she was not a peaceful resort but a horror movie world. Anything could happen. Then she saw Qin Jing’s eyes and nodded her head and took the flame queen into the bedroom inside.

The door closed and Anna turned to look at Qin Jing. "Castiel was taken away by an angel."
"Oh?" Qin Jing smiled a little. He was wondering how to know what the plot had reached. I didn’t expect to know it from here. According to the story of evil forces, Castiel should have known it at this time and was going to tell Dean when he was recruited by heaven and severely brainwashed. After he came back, he became a small follower of heaven and took Anna away with a small ticket of angels.
Looks like the plot is just right …
"What are you going to do?" Qin Jing does not move.
"On what Cassidy was dragged back to heaven, what he knows must be very important for this battle. We must know this news …"
"We?" Qin Jing interrupted Anna, "Why should I know this news? What am I doing in the battle between angels and demons?"
Qin Jing once told Kathy that the stupid bird man finally suppressed such nonsense remarks as please pity everyone.
However, Anna obviously looked at Qin Jing much more intelligently. She asked, "What do you want?"
"A spear of fate" Qin Jingshuang said quickly, "I will help you with winchester’s two brothers to help you see what the first group of birds are trying to do. I know that they are the focus of attention on both sides now, and you can’t contact them for too long, otherwise you won’t come looking for me as a stranger eagerly."
"I didn’t expect you to know so much …" Anna was stunned by Qin Jing’s words.
Qin Jing but smiled and waited quietly for Anna to answer.
"Okay, I promise you, I want you to watch this for me, brother winchester."
Hear Anna answer Qin Jing knocked the door left unlocked the bedroom door "xiao ni eavesdropping for so long it’s time to work"
Wendy sneaked out of the back of the door and stuck out her tongue.
Anna was not surprised to see Wendy coming out. "Shall we go out now?"
"What about this car?" Anna pointed to a driver’s cab. Obviously, she also saw something unusual about this car.
"Wouldn’t it be nice to destroy it?" Qin Jing said casually
In a small restaurant leading to Iliro Asia Road, Qin Jing took Wendy and winchester brothers to stare at each other.
"Are they angels?" Dean turned to look at Anna.
"No, they are ordinary people."
"Ordinary people?" Dean cried, "I thought you’d call Spider-Man."
"Dean" Sam dissuaded him from saying, "Hear Anna out."
But this time, before Anna could continue, Qin Jing suddenly sat up straight. He raised his hand and made a bomb on Dean’s forehead. This one meter less Han fell on his back like a heavy blow.
"Punishment" Qin Jing said with a straight face.
Sam hurried to help Dean fall to the ground.
Anna glanced at Qin Jing lightly and waited until Dean sat down before saying, "This matter is so big that angels, skins and demons must have been very interested before I wanted to ask them to help you."
Anna said that she turned to see Qin Jing Gherardini and looked at her. She gently coughed, "They will stay with you all the time. I can’t stay here for you to get along well." Then Anna disappeared.
After Anna left, the whole scene turned cold. Dean left his head with some discomfort because of Qin Jing’s whole. Sam took a look at his brother naively and held out his hand to Qin Jing.
"My name is Sam and this is my brother Dean."
"My name is Qin Jing" Qin Jing smiled and Sam shook hands and turned to point behind him. "This is Wendy."
"Have we met somewhere?" Sam back your hand and continue to stare at Qin Jing some asked uncertainly.
"Of course not," Qin Jing said, but involuntarily returned to the only way out of that Chevrolet that night …
"Of course not," Qin Jing said very meaningfully.
Dean and Sam didn’t stop to continue on their way. They urgently needed to find Jimmy Castillo’s skin as soon as possible, which Qin Jing called.
It was already late when I arrived in front of Jimmy’s house. Qin Jing sniffed outside with the Chevrolet rear window.
It seems that Qin Jing has been particularly sensitive to some smells since he absorbed the honor of angels, such as the devil’s smell …
It’s really smelly. Qin Jing pinched his nose and followed Dean and Sam out of the car. The two winchester brothers were acute and disappeared in the blink of an eye, thinking they had already got into the room.
Qin Jing asked Wendy to wait in the car. He wanted to think and drew a mark on Wendy’s hand with golden energy, which made him safely enter the house.
Qin Jing remembered to catch Jimmy. Some demons were small fish and shrimps, which were solved by the winchester brothers in twos and threes. Unfortunately, when Qin Jing entered the room, the situation seemed to be reversed-the winchester brothers were driven by demons and pushed against the wall, while Jimmy and his wife and children were caught by several demons.
"Can you help me if you have something?" Dean looked at Qin Jing and walked in so easily. He also looked at the room with great interest and couldn’t help but say.
"Who are you?" It seems that the devil asked, and he specially dyed the pupil black.
Qin Jing frowned and said, "It stinks."
"What?" The demon froze and took a step forward involuntarily.
At this time, Qin Jing raised his eyes. He looked like there was a flash of golden light. The demon flew back like a kite and stuck it on the wall and Dean became a neighbor. Of course, Dean lost control and fell down now.
At the same time, Qin Jing raised his hand impatiently, and all the demons around him knelt on the ground like being strangled by the neck and began to gasp violently. Soon the black smoke from the demon body spit it out from the mouth of those possessed people and fell into the cracked hell.
For Qin Jing, who has soul beads, he is too lazy to take two steps to deal with these demons.
"It’s finally clean." Qin Jing clapped his hands and looked up at the room full of sober people who wanted to see monsters.
"This is …" Although Sam is in a trance because he didn’t suck the demon blood at the moment, he is still very clear about all this. "You were also chosen by the devil that year? !”
Chapter 30 Lucifer Resurrection II
Qin Jing turned his eyes and ignored him. He turned to Jimmy who was possessed.
"Are you Qin Jing?" Although he was possessed by angels, Jimmy still kept some memories of himself.
"You remember me" Qin Jingxiao smiled.
Of course, I remember Jimmy thinking to himself that this oriental boy had killed an angel by himself, and even if he possessed him, the angel Cassidy had been deeply afraid of it.
The rest of the things became simple because Qin Jing appeared, and Jimmy’s wife was not possessed by demons like a TV play. Jimmy obediently followed Jimmy and Sam to Chevrolet, but at this time Qin Jing insisted that Jimmy’s wife and daughter be together.
This is Qin Jing’s intention, because he knew that Castillo would be possessed by Jimmy’s daughter when he came back. If Jimmy was not around at that time, wouldn’t it be a big deal? When Castillo was caught by heaven and came back, his personality was very different, so the spear of fate had to start from Anna.
Unfortunately, Jimmy didn’t know.