Now that he is back this time, he feels that he should thoroughly soothe them. Let them work for themselves, if you just leave them here, don’t say that the original efforts were wasted.

If they really find a way to break the seal, they will have two more enemies, so he decided to take the time to soothe them. Let them at the head of their own to a resin legion.
After settling down the six of them, Song Chang Gung drove his innate sword to rush to the tomb without China, but before he got to the tomb, he saw a blue light and a golden light fighting happily over the tomb.
Song Changgeng didn’t want to rush in rashly and cause anything, so he took the sword light and quietly dived near to identify it carefully, only to find that the golden light was actually an acquaintance Yang Jin.
On that day, this dragon elephant, the successor of Master Fentuo, here, together with the parents of Songshan, failed to compete with himself for the second treasure of Xuanyuan. Zhu Mei, the dwarf, was destroyed by himself.
Later, she went to Guihua Mountain with Master Fentuo, and was stopped by the reality of bliss. Originally, Song Changgeng thought that she had given up and didn’t want her to wander around here. I don’t know who she was fighting with.
Carefully looked at the owner of the blue light, a middle-aged man. All dressed up. He looks like a sage like type, but his eyes are full of malice. Obviously not easy to get along with.
After fighting for a while, it was obvious that the winner could not be separated. Yang Jin suddenly said, "Ji Fan, if you don’t give up, I will use my magic weapon. Why do you push me so hard?"
The owner of the Blu-ray, a middle-aged man, is very tall and strong, and his face is a little pale blue. I don’t know whether it is practice or other reasons, which is different from normal people.
When he heard Yang Jin’s words, he sneered solemnity: "You girl just got a little biography of swordsmanship, so you dare to be so arrogant. Look at your flying sword, it is a clique of Buddhism and Dharma, and it is assumed that it is not the door of Fentuo and Youtan Shenni, and it will be implicated.
Originally, I didn’t want to provoke you, but you intervened horizontally. Opening your mouth means that the ape spirit is destined for you, and keeping your mouth shut means that I shouldn’t intervene because I have no connection with the treasure. Ha ha ha ha, that’s funny.
Everything in this world is predestined. What makes you say that you are predestined and I am not predestined? How did something that is not predestined get into my hand? How dare you rob me? Are you crazy?
Today, I’ll give you a hard time, no matter how much I lean behind you. If you don’t kneel down for mercy, you won’t live. Do you think I’m afraid of your magic weapon? Hum, I have practiced for thousands of years, and there are still a few magic weapons. "
As he spoke, he secretly used Xuangong, pointed his sword in the air and drank: "Disease!"
I saw that the blue sword light suddenly screamed and split into two parts. One was a golden sword light tightly wrapped in Yang Jin, and the other was like a blue rainbow flying, flying straight towards Yang Jin.
Yang Jin saw that Ji Fan’s sword light was also dark blue. It was brilliant and varied, and it was similar to a blue dragon. It was full of air and feet, and suddenly thunder came. His flying sword fought with him for a long time, thinking that it was a draw, and he didn’t want his skill to be so good. There was no way, so he had to wave his hand and offer his magic weapon Prajna Knife to meet him.

The eighteenth volume Star Double Ring Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Sky Blue God Sand
Ji Fan deliberately showed off, pointing her hand early, and the sword light in the air flashed like a celestial gentry, and the horse was suddenly stretched out, and Yang Jin’s sword light and knife light were caught together, and they were entangled again in two times.
Yang Jin knows that the name of this blue sword light is Sky Blue Excalibur, which is made by Ji Fan’s refined cold iron from all over the world and meteorite from outer space. It’s serious. Although his flying sword will not be damaged, it will never be good.
At the same time, I thought to myself: I think our two students have suffered many enemies, and it is rare to see such a blue sword light. No wonder this fellow is arrogant, and he really deserves his reputation. Anyway, the trouble is over, and there is no need to be busy hurting him. Let’s see what tricks he has.
Thinking of this, she used words to provoke Ji Fan, saying, "You claim to have been practicing for thousands of years, and you are selling your old age here. Hum, I think you are just a mere fool. It’s easy for me to punish you.
Before, I fought a sword with you just because you were crazy and wanted to see what you really have. I didn’t use a magic weapon to start. Take back your flying sword and leave, otherwise I will be really rude. "
When Ji Fan saw that the sword light had not won yet, he was despised by the enemy and gnashed his teeth with anger. He was already headstrong and always took advantage and refused to suffer.
After listening to Yang Jin’s words, he couldn’t help cursing at the same time: "I wanted to give a little warning, but I didn’t do anything bad because you are arrogant and ignorant, but you are not as good as the left." ? Jun? Son? ? Don?
I don’t want you to dare to be so stubborn and despise me. I can’t tolerate you. If you have any magic weapon, you will be ruined by fighting with those two old nuns today. "
Yang Jin came here to provoke him, but now he is angry. I caught a glimpse of a small flaw, and I got a first strike. Before he could finish, I took it by surprise. I whisked a silver light and a Prajna knife to fly out, wrapped in a blue light. Just touching it, the blue light was like hammering red iron, and sparkling Mars splashed around.
Ji Fan saw something bad. When the sword was going to be broken, he was surprised and angry. He didn’t have time to resist it. He took out a fist blue iron ball wrapped in a blue flame from the capsule of Gankun and offered it to the air.
As soon as Yang Jin saw this treasure, he remembered that the master had told himself about it, knowing that it was his closet treasure named Qingyang Pearl, which was refined from the essence of cold iron in the four seas and the essence of meteorite from outer space.
She didn’t dare to slack off. She pointed to a Prajna knife with her hand and divided it to hold it back. Ji Fan also has capacity control, which keeps his sword light intact.
Seeing that it could not be delayed any longer, Yang Jin took out his strongest magic weapon, Fahua Golden Wheel. ? Jun? Son? ? Don? Raise one Yang’s hand, and the golden light of a horse’s practice flies out, turning into thousands of golden chardonnays, and directly attacking the flying swords and magic weapons in the air.
Seeing that she had fallen behind, Ji Fanxin was cruel. Take out a white leather bag from Gankun Capsule, pinch it with your hand, and shake it, only to hear a piece of sonic boom in the air, as if there were thousands of firecrackers everywhere.
Then Yang Jin felt her eyes shine, and all sides were blue Mars, just like a strong wind driving heavy rain and snow, and all over the sky, they were as big as their hands. Strange light and colorful, green fire and bright flow.
Suddenly the mountains disappeared, the snow lurked, the earth was vast, and it was shrouded in blue Hong Tao everywhere, and the momentum was really amazing. She knew it in her heart. This magic weapon is life’s core monuments’s most precious treasure, the sky blue and the sand.
According to her teacher, Master Fentuo, this sky is blue and sand. It’s not a spell, but a strangely powerful magic weapon. There are only 360 pills in total, but it can be transformed into trillions, which is infinite.
Ji Fan’s flying sword and sky blue Excalibur just now are made of iron elites who have been cold for thousands of years under the sea and meteorite from outer space, which is an extraordinary treasure, and the Qingyang ball is a rare magic weapon.
And this sky blue magic sand is even more extraordinary. It is based on a congenital gold essence. In the deep ocean, the essence of hardware is first collected from seawater, and then it is repeatedly refined and integrated into the innate gold essence.
Collecting the essence of hardware in seawater is often a long-distance search for the blue sea, but it is difficult to find it, and refining is even more troublesome, but because there is innate gold essence in it, it is powerful.
It can be said that the gold is the treasure of the day after tomorrow, and there are some innate magic weapons in it. At the sight of this thing, Yang Jin can’t help but be greedy and think about how to get it.
As far as she knows, Taoist immortals can live forever, but every 360 years, there will be a big robbery. Ji Fan has made great efforts to achieve this treasure, which is refined to resist monty and the devil.
This period of collection, smelting and sacrifice refining alone lasted for 108 years. As for the hardships suffered during refining, not to mention, it happened that the refining time was 72 years, and then he was robbed by Monty, and he spent it calmly by relying on this treasure alone. At that time, this treasure was widely known in the practice world.