They were surprised by Yang Ye’s words, and no one was hard to refute-the musicians would definitely fall without them; And even if Yang Ye is poor and down, the four of them will never leave.

One day earlier, the musicians will be dismissed, and their fate will be preserved. However, the funds that musicians need to live are absolutely indispensable. Orphanage is a welfare project that requires a huge amount of money. Sometimes, fundraising and funding are not enough to maintain themselves. The situation is not good, but it is even more precarious. Although children who are away from home will continue to send money to musicians, it is a drop in the bucket for the huge demand.
Le Jia has only given birth to a child with tens of millions of assets. At first, he donated millions of funds and will be closed for a while. After playing again, Le Jia will never see anyone else again. This can’t be said that he has invested millions after all.
It’s not good for other children to earn more than 10,000 yuan in a few months, as Li Yanxin, the former three, worked hard and didn’t have much money. They didn’t have enough money to donate to the musicians.
Going to Lejia Road is a little far away, and it rains a lot. The wipers don’t brush off the excess rain, so there will be new rain rolling … It is necessary for several people to slow down. Because of the driving license problem in Wu Di, several people also go around the long road to avoid some sections and have to be detained, causing new troubles.
This makes the long road seem even further.
The road to the small county town is muddy and bumpy. It is very difficult to walk in reventon. The value of super-running is comparable to that of a snail. There is no way. This road is not a super-running. You should come to a place like this. The sports car is simply looking for death. If it encounters a little pit, it will stop the super-running.
All the way, let the commercial vehicles test the road conditions first, followed by reventon, who will suffer. Just knock against it. That repair will cost a sky-high price. Yang Ye is also better than regretting coming to this crappy super-run.
Stop-and-go speed can’t get up at all. The rain is not as heavy as before, but the speed is slower than before.
It took more than ten minutes to walk for a section of the road. After the trip, we entered this small county. The road conditions improved somewhat, and the speed gradually increased. After a few minutes, several people in Yang Ye parked their cars outside a modest hotel to be continued.
Chapter 126 Dilemma
Chaoguang Hotel, a small county town, is neither too high-end nor too bad. This is the place where Lejia children temporarily stay. When the children’s ownership is not handled properly, Lejia orphans can settle down here for the time being.
The hotel owner is also a good man. After learning the actual situation of Lejia, he immediately said that he would let the children live in Lejia, and at the same time, the local government fu also took out his wallet to have dinner. Now there is no big situation for the time being.
When several people from Yang Ye came to Chaoguang Hotel, the rain had stopped, and it cleared up. The air was filled with water vapor and sucked into the lungs. It was cool and very comfortable.
Several people stepped into the hall and asked the front desk about the location of a happy family, and the front desk lady did not slack off and directly took several people to the fifth floor. The first floor on the fifth floor was a temporary rest place for happy families.
There are also some seven-year-old teenagers playing in the corridor. They are orphans of Lejia.
Yang Ye look at the past are smiling these kids, of course, they know-
"Xiaolu Xiaoxi is not allowed to bully her sister Xiaoxi Xiaozhe. If you fight again, I’ll be welcome. Get up from the ground." Yang Ye shouted with a smile and rushed down the corridor to make a ball of children.
In the past, a few little guys stopped in succession, then turned to look at Yang Ye’s side, and then chattered and shouted "Brother Xiao Ye" and came running all over, and then held Yang Ye’s trouser legs tightly.
Yang Ye squatted down to help Xiaolu help her hair run smoothly. Xiaolu is a ten-year-old girl with lovely eyes and watery eyes. "Darling, these guys are brothers too, but they haven’t come back for a long time. Call me a brother." Yang Ye pointed to the four people behind him.
All four of them haven’t been back to the music house for a long time, but they have been in contact. Now they haven’t come back to get the music house to see it, but the music house is gone
"Brother!" Several children were clever enough to call one
Yang Ye smiled and touched their little heads and said, "This time, my brother didn’t bring you a gift and eat my brother’s compensation for you, but you have to make sure that the second brother comes clean, okay?"
"Good ~" Children always like to speak with different mouths.
Yang Ye nodded and asked "sunny mother in? Will you take your brother to find mother Qing? "
The result is, of course, good hands and one hand holding a fart in front of two children chattering with Yang Ye about some recent psychological things, such as who got a hundred points in the exam and won the first prize in running. Finally, he said that the Lejia orphanage was home, and several little guys were a little sad. Yang Ye quickly comforted several little guys, although young, but they seemed to know a lot.
After a few turns, the little guys took Yang Ye to a big room with a "conference room" sign hanging on the door. It should be that the hotel set up a conference room for its own people, and the little guys said that Qing Ma was inside.
Sunny mother is the orphan of Lejia. For them, Zhao Lanqing, the director of Lejia Orphanage, is their other mother. Therefore, it is not enough to call Zhao Lanqing a mother. She is over 60 years old this year, but she is still busy in Lejia.
Knock on the door
Let Yang Ye several people quite surprised that there are many familiar faces inside.
Yang Ye side slightly one leng is inside some people have to react have been yelling-
"Hey, if it isn’t Yang Yexiao, college students are coming!"
"Qing Ma, our famous college students from Lejia are back!"
"Behind that a few … a little familiar … ah to think of it! Xiaoxin Xiao Di and this one next to Xiaojun … Isn’t this Xiao Bin! "
Several people were frightened and didn’t come back for several years. Several children actually appeared, and this Song Bin was in prison …
These people all went out from Le Jia at the beginning, and now most of them are here to discuss the future of Le Jia. It’s nothing to see Yang Ye, but a few people behind Yang Ye are surprised, but fortunately, they are all well-advised. No one goes to Bin Song to go to jail.
"Come on, come on, come in, come on. Mama Qing just went out to talk about something with Zheng fu. Come back soon. Don’t be silly." A middle-aged man greeted him with a suit and tie. This man is the only multimillionaire from that happy family-Huang Yue was afraid of coming back this time and realized that the happy family was in an emergency. Although he has succeeded now, he still came back with a conscience.
Yang Ye several people enter the door, and there are still many children playing around. They may not realize what is about to happen, but they are very happy to be able to stay in the hotel.
Xiaobei was also sitting at the other end of the conference table, playing with a group of children. Xiaobei is also in college at present, but not as good as Yang Ye. This time, he also told Cheng Jun that he had been in good contact with Cheng Jun before.
See Yang Ye several small north shy smile is a greeting.
Several people each found a place to chat with a group of brothers and sisters, old and young, and learned about the actual situation. The most important thing at present is the problem of funds. There is not so much money to rebuild a Lejia orphanage. Even if everyone raises money, everyone can’t rebuild it.
Huang Yue is the richest man now, and one word is the most important. When it comes to money, he doesn’t have much to say. It seems that he has a lot of ideas.
This kind of situation makes several people in Yang Ye have to discuss it in a low way. Just when several people are talking with a frown, they suddenly come over and let them be stunned and then their hearts get up-Xu Yue and Wang lung!